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On Property Training

EF Horsemanship's priority is the horse. We start and train based on the capabilities and needs of the horse. We adapt our methods according to the learning style of the horse. We take pride in building confident, well-rounded horses. We do this with extensive groundwork and using the 4 C's Method during every interaction. They learn to enjoy work and are more willing and level-headed.


Price: $1200.00/month 

Includes: Training (6 days/week) (will include a mix of groundwork/riding)

                Full care board


                Grain (unless owner chooses different grain)

Extras: Farrier




- 8% commission 

*Before entry into our program the horse MUST be wormed, has had necessary vaccinations, teeth checked, free of any injuries/lameness/illness.

NOTE: We are not in the business of rushing horses through to get a paycheck, we take our time and make sure each interaction is positive. In some cases if we have a "born broke" type horse, 30 days is enough but most need more time to fully become a well rounded, safe, confident partner, so if you are on a time limit we may not be the right fit. 

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