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About Me

I 'm a developing horseman whos approach is building a solid foundation while ensuring the horses needs are met mentally, physically and emotionally. My focus is building the horse from the inside out.

After many years of doing the same thing and creating the same kinds of horses I started to notice a pattern in my horses that just wasn't working for me or them. I knew there had to be a better way, so I started to dive into the world of Natural Horsemanship. 

So my journey began, helping horses become willing, confident partners through principled leadership, mutual trust, respect, empathy, and clear boundaries.

When not working with horses I work in sales and marketing  for different equine related businesses which includes building websites, apps and digital marketing. 



Erin Flynn


Certificate in Equine Nutrition from the University of Guelph online program. Certificate in Equine First Aid from Equi-Health Canada. Certificate from Niel Asher Education in Trigger Point Therapy​ 


Colt starting, "problem" horses, and basic training, horse sales, equine nutrition, website design, app building, logo creation and other digital marketing solutions. 

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