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Let EF Horsemanship find you the horse of your dreams. There are thousands of possible suitable horses out there but finding the perfect match can be difficult. Sifting through countless ads, and dealing with uncooperative sellers, even scammers can be stressful. Our promise is that if we can't find you the one, we will make you one. Sometimes it takes the right eye to see through some of the minor issues a horse may have and it could only take a little extra time and effort to bring along a horse that will be perfectly suited to you.


Price: $420.00 Includes:

           -Up to 6 viewings/showings (plus mileage, $0.60/km)

          -Riding/Assessing suitability

          -Arranging pre purchase exam (if necessary) *buyer pays PPE expense


          -All discussions between seller/buying agent(s)

          -Preparing and signing of bill of sale

         -Schedule times for you to meet/ride the potential prospect before buying


 -Additional viewings $50.00 (plus mileage, $0.60/km)

FINDERS FEE ONY: 5% commission Includes: connecting buyer with horse. Buyer does all own discussions, negotiation, viewing/assessing beyond initial bridge connection with seller.

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