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The future of the horse industry starts with our youth!

Let's Build a Better Future

The fundamentals of basic horse care and groundwork are often missed in the beginning staged of our children's exploring the world of horses. By missing these critical components we don't allow the child to fully understand what it take to be a true horseman/women. Whether you want to be an english rider or western it doesn't matter. These skills can be used in any discipline. By allowing our children the opportunity to connect with these animals on a deeper level will allow them to build a new appreciation for the horse, as well to become a more confident, more resilient horseman/woman.  

By just allowing them to take lessons on a horse that is already tacked up ready to go and ride around for an hour does not instill the true value of horsemanship or simply just being in the presence of this magnificent animal. It doesn't teach them responsibility, compassion, leadership, or true appreciation.

Let's build a better future for the horse industry by molding great horseman/women from where it matters the most, our children.

There is a need for the development of knowledgeable, confident, horse savvy youth in the horse industry. Through fundraisers and donations we are able to provide a program that offers the youth ages 6-15 to start or continue their horse journey learning the fundamentals of how to safely handle and work around horses, how to spot minor issues with nutrition, health, soundness, and the emotional state of the horse,  groundwork, and more.

Through this program we will build strong horseman and horsewomen that can not only ride but who will have the confidence and knowhow to properly handle and care for horses on a much deeper level then just hoping in the saddle. 

Program Levels

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